BizForms – Business Process Automation Platform for all types of Industries

BizForms is a Business Process Automation Platform for all types of Industries. If you are still doing the code to build forms for different operations, you need to upgrade and let BizForms create the way for you.

This application has a User-friendly interface where you don’t need to scratch your heads for using different features and functions. Everything here is simple so that every person can create forms. You don’t need to learn anything to create forms just use different form fields (with their validations), and form will be created.

Use your own rule as per your needs to create forms. Add, Edit, Customize your forms based on the essentials. There are a lot of different form fields with new validation and properties, which you can use to remove complex Paper forms and make it an easy one.

It has a flawless workflow and approval feature which help an Industry in several ways from cost management, time management to Human Resource Management. The Reporting feature of the app is just what you need. Thousands of data are managed, and a robust report is created. A report is an essential part of any industry which helps in analyzing what you need and what you did. We help you in doing that.

We have many other exciting features which help you in many ways like you will get alerts based on your requirements, you can also download the reports in different formats. You can have your personalization of forms and workflows.

So you need to give less time in configuration and more on your business.

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