WeSuite – A Compact Suite for Managing Enterprise

  • Accept request
  • Map the request to appropriate route
  • Call the DB to get result
  • Build HTML/JSON based on the type of the request
  • Send the response out

How “WESUITE“ is useful for current growing industries to manage enterprises?

First, we will see how these managing enterprises software/applications are useful in our daily lives for managing all those involved and extensive information/data.

If we see an example to manage enterprise systems like Course Information for the term, course description, subject, grades, etc., for any department in college, or managing a Human Resource (HR) information data like job code, job description, job department, salaries, all the employee details, etc., Information in all these sectors, we need management enterprise software to faster the process and obtain efficient and effective results in society.

To get out of this stringent enterprise management, we here provides you a application / product called “ WESUITE “ – which is complete SAAS based application which fits for a company’s project management environment and provides a better and easy Customer-Relationship-Management (CRM) for application accounting and also ensures that processes follow as defined by an organization.

Now, we will go through the product “WESUITE” and all the features that the product is providing for the customers straightforwardly and effectively.

  • It provides flawless management for any organization and its employees along with Human Resource (HR) module.
  • It also provides a solution to maintain and manage easy solution for all the projects in an organization.
  • It provides a very user-friendly interface with ease of use difficulty very low in a fully web-based, mobile responsive and with an easy-to-use software solution for any enterprise.
  • It also provides schedule reminders and notifications for any organization based on their needs.
  • The main feature it provides reports for your small and large data easily and understandably with using different charts for the organization to make their analyses in a clear and better manner.
  • Here you don’t need to know enterprise management software solution or on any usability. “WESUITE “, provides you inbuilt customized training module with quizzes and courses for organizations to get familiar on Enterprise-Resource Management (ERM).
  • It offers friendly and clean dashboards for any organization for a glance to check their ERM.
  • It also provides Access control for permission for organizations based on their dynamic roles.

Some of the noticeable features that “WESUITE“, provides to any organization or for any customer are:

  • Project Management.
  • HR Module Management.
  • Training Module including Quiz and Courses.
  • Electronic reminders and notifications for all modules.
  • Real-time Reporting.

These are the most prominent features that any organization or customer can get from “WESUITE”.

I hope you enjoyed reading the blog on “WESUITE” features and if you like the features!

Thanking for spending your valuable time reading my blog on “WESUITE” features. I hope you enjoyed the blog, and if you like the blog and product, please go through the product and start using it.

Thank you once again, goodbye!

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BizForms – Business Process Automation Platform for all types of Industries

BizForms is a Business Process Automation Platform for all types of Industries. If you are still doing the code to build forms for different operations, you need to upgrade and let BizForms create the way for you.

This application has a User-friendly interface where you don’t need to scratch your heads for using different features and functions. Everything here is simple so that every person can create forms. You don’t need to learn anything to create forms just use different form fields (with their validations), and form will be created.

Use your own rule as per your needs to create forms. Add, Edit, Customize your forms based on the essentials. There are a lot of different form fields with new validation and properties, which you can use to remove complex Paper forms and make it an easy one.

It has a flawless workflow and approval feature which help an Industry in several ways from cost management, time management to Human Resource Management. The Reporting feature of the app is just what you need. Thousands of data are managed, and a robust report is created. A report is an essential part of any industry which helps in analyzing what you need and what you did. We help you in doing that.

We have many other exciting features which help you in many ways like you will get alerts based on your requirements, you can also download the reports in different formats. You can have your personalization of forms and workflows.

So you need to give less time in configuration and more on your business.

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BouTIK – Store Management Platform Exclusively for Boutique & Fashion

Hello, beauties! Boutiques are some of our stylists’ absolute favorite. It’s a way for us to connect with you and provide an easy yet fun and super personalized furthermore customized experience. We know life can get busy and get it into your favorite shop isn’t as obvious as you’d like it to be. We got together with one of our store management platform solely for boutique and fashion. This product has a cloud-based solution for your exclusive boutique to achieve the ready-made stock to customized orders thoroughly. I love that we get to connect with customers in an entirely new way. By using the Boutique platform.

Let’s see what kind of outstanding features Boutique platform has?

  • Super light and quick the product management module which adds, edits and removes the products by scanning codes.
  • Product catalog module includes product images, prices, and the exclusive feature is variations like color, size, etc.
  • Product variants and composites are beneficial for a hugely significant number of people.
  • Generate Real-time inventory and sales reports.
  • Modern businesses find to be the most competitive advantage of inventory automation technology is the possibility to plan, and prepare the customer and inventory management.
  • Barcodes are known for their quality, proven reliability, ergonomic design, and ease of use, and it is integrated along with stock maintenance.

So, if you haven’t tried our Boutique platform yet, what are you waiting for?! The platform is here, the sun is shining, and we can’t wait to send you personalized items to fit your unique style. Don’t forget to use our platform!
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eStore – A Complete Quality eCommerce Store

eStore is a digital place or a store where you can stock and sell your products or services online. It is an eCommerce market which sells products to customers from all over the globe.

It is an entire market because it has all kinds of products. A product can be a service or an item. Through the eStore, you can directly sell your products to your end-customers. Offers a product catalogs that you can manage, and such business activities will be enhanced. There is a robust reporting tool in the eStore through which y’all can find helpful information and idea about the trades. A shopping cart is designed user-friendly, so user obtains it flexible use. When your patron sees the store easy to handle it makes a win-win situation for your business. It is customizable and scalable as per consumers, and vendors need. You can further make it flexible according to customization.

Responsiveness of eStore provides its admin and customer better experience in any device. Moreover, the contents and designs are appropriately maintained for any device.

Few of the Striking Features:

  • Product Catalogue Administration – Complete product maintenance with plethora of custom options.
  • Vendor Management – Vendors are the suppliers that considered as the gist of your organization. eStore gives the complete control for Vendor Management.
  • Online Order Status Reporting – Whenever any customer orders any product, eStore fastening the ongoing statuses with conscious tracking.
  • Seamless Payment Integration – Easy and Convenient payment integration without any impediment.

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